"The hum of the oversaturated compressor, the hiss generated by dubbing and overdubbing, the psychoacoustic phenomenon of the phaser and flanger effect, the never-ending feedback noise reinjecting it's own signal through echo and reverb. That is what we like."

Heavenchord liked music since his childhood. In 1998 Arthur started DJ’ing. In 2002-2004 he took part in organizing rave parties and international electronic music festivals together with Hardskull & Liquid Moon in Armenia. After moving to South of Russia, he started producing his own original music and became a resident in local chill out and lounge bars. Music production is the main thing in Arthur’s life. His production is always based on experiments, psychedelic and personal sound synthesis, although Heavenchord is more about classic dub techno, with heavy chords and tape hiss.


Live sets & DJ mixes: